Transmission and Interconnectors


Design, Operation and Asset management Transmission


Frontier Power team members have operated as executives at the highest levels in National Grid, the UK’s electricity transmission company, and National Grid Group, the international gas and electricity company which is one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world currently capitalised at £22bn.

In addition to directly managing investments we provide financial investors with a full management service from asset selection and due diligence through to operational management.




One of Frontier Power’s managers also developed and then acted as the CEO for one of the largest sub-sea interconnectors in the world, Basslink, connecting Tasmania and Victoria.

At 290 km long, the US $1bn Basslink interconnector is the 2nd Longest HVDC cable of its type in the world.  It enhances security of supply on both sides of Bass Strait; protecting Tasmania against the risk of drought-constrained energy shortages while providing Victoria and southern states with secure renewable energy during times of peak demand.

Basslink also has a number of fibre optic assets which carry high speed telecommunication traffic.

Another of Frontier Power’s team was the Managing Director of the BritNed electricity interconnector, linking the UK with the Netherlands.  He took the €500m project though its development phase, leading it to financial close in 2007.  The link went operational in 2011 and is achieving considerable commercial and operational success.  As the first major continental link with the UK to be installed for over twenty years, BritNed was ground-breaking and has contributed greatly to the resurgence of the interconnector sector.

In 2016 we joined forces with the promoter of a new UK to Germany subsea HVDC electricity interconnector.  This will be the first link between the two nations and is expected to come in to operational service during 2022.  It will be some 550km long, have a capacity of ~1400MW and cost in the region of £1.5bn.


Offshore transmission connections for offshore wind farms


Frontier Power, working with a consortium of leading financial institutions and infrastructure funds, successfully bid for offshore transmission assets in the UK, helping to promote the efficient development of renewable technologies in that country.