Team Experience


Breadth and Depth of Delivery Capability - from Strategy to Megawatts

Frontier Power has a very experienced team who have operated individually and collectively at the top levels of a number of UK and international power sector and related businesses.  Team members have had full executive accountability for corporate performance so, although they can act in advisory capacities, they do so from a perspective of knowing what it means to have to full operational responsibility for delivery.  Advice will always be framed in the context of what can practically be delivered and will include plans and options for that delivery.


The Frontier Power team’s experience is broad as well as deep


  • It stretches from the highest level strategic planning and setting of corporate visions and missions to front line operational delivery of new and existing services more effectively.

  • It includes executives who have been responsible for developing cooperate strategies and business plans for several major multi-billion international power groups in the private and public sector and who have been responsible for implementing and mergers and major change programmes within those groups. 

  • They have implemented changed working methods designed to bring significant efficiency increases leading to massive cost-reductions measured in the billions of pounds of value to their businesses.


The Frontier Power team contains innovators


Team members have developed new businesses in the electricity and gas sectors in the UK and internationally:

  • Effectively helping create the market for competitive provision of transmission infrastructure for offshore wind farms in the UK

  • Developing independent power and transmission projects across a wide variety of different economic and cultural environments

  • Establishing markets for the trading of electricity services

  • Leading the exploitation of electricity infrastructure to provide fibre-optic and wireless broadcasting and telecommunications services

  • Leading the way in developing and managing a variety of new procurement options from innovative competitive tender procedures to partnering alliances and full out-sourcing


Which means that Frontier Power can deliver ‘Strategy Plus’ ...

We will produce an analysis or strategy that not only answers your questions but gives you a practical way of implementing it.

Our whole approach is grounded in experience of making a difference.

For us, developing a strategy is a means to an end, not the end in itself - Actionable plans have to flow from the strategy


... and we can help identify and provide the means to deliver those plans.


... and that we offer the fastest route to execution and delivery 


In developing a strategy, we will:

  • Analyse the problem in the context of the commercial and technical operating environment and how that may change over time

  • Confirm the objectives in light of the capabilities available or that can be developed

  • Review the strategic and technical options and make recommendations indicating trade-offs between cost, risks and speed of delivery

  • Prepare specific plans to deliver the selected options

  • Help organisations become informed buyers through managing or identifying other businesses and sources of expertise who can help ensure effective delivery of the plans

  • Act as a developer in the delivery and management of major power system assets


Frontier Power can make you an informed buyer of power system technologies 


In short, by understanding the commercial and operational realities of procuring these technologies for major corporations and the institutional environment in which government and power companies must operate, Frontier Power can help organisations become “informed buyers” of the relevant technologies as well as developing a comprehensive strategy for their deployment.

Let Frontier Power become your partner to develop a workable strategy and then help implement it so that you can get the value of your investment as quickly as possible.