Iain Cameron, Chief Operating Officer, Frontier Power 

Iain has 25 years of experience in the international electricity and gas utility sectors and in telecoms infrastructure.  He has successfully delivered substantial shareholder value through developing growth and diversification strategies into new businesses and through major acquisitions and disposals. He has also delivered significant value through driving major business transformation in procurement, supply chain and other back office functions to achieve dramatic cost reductions and performance improvement.

Prior to leaving National Grid in July 2009, Iain was instrumental in positioning National Grid to play a central role in decarbonising the UK’s energy sector and extract value from the investment opportunities that this creates in offshore transmission to connect wind energy and the carbon dioxide transportation elements of the carbon capture and storage value chain.

Iain is co-founder of Frontier Power energy investment and consulting business.  He has led Frontier Power’s input on all OFTO projects to date and has been General Manager for Blue Transmission since the first Blue Transmission OFTO asset transfer in October 2011.

Led the Frontier Power team working with Macquarie and Blue Transmission, including through the preferred bidder stages for Walney 1, Walney 2, Sheringham Shoal and London Array OFTOs.
General Manager for Blue Transmission’s four operational OFTOs -  Blue Transmission Walney 1 (since asset transfer in October 2011), Blue Transmission Walney 2 (October 2012), Blue Transmission Sheringham Shoal (July 2013) and Blue Transmission London Array (September 2013).

Areas of Expertise:

  • Supply chain management - procurement and logistics

  • Transmission interconnectors - onshore and offshore

  • M&A - target selection, due diligence and integration

  • Business transformation, cost reduction and performance improvement










Iain Cameron