Bob Tivey, Planning and Development Director, Frontier Power 

Bob is a senior executive with over 35 years' experience in policy development, corporate strategy, planning, corporate and industry restructuring in the energy industry.

Bob is a graduate of University College, London, BSc (Econ)

Bob has extensive international experience working for major UK public and private sector energy companies, implementing multi-$bn industry mergers and acquisitions for BNFL and National Grid and developing new build Independent Power Projects valued up to $750m.

Bob has considerable first-hand experience of utility privatisation and the development of competitive energy markets and regulatory regimes in the UK and abroad.  He has worked for major UK public and private sector energy companies including National Power, National Grid, British Energy and the CEGB as a Corporate Strategy Director and European Business Development Director.

He has developed and implemented corporate strategies and business transformation projects for two of the largest UK power groups, National Power and National Grid with $bns of cost reduction and performance improvement.

Areas of expertise:

  • Strategic and Corporate Planning and Policy development

  • Business development

  • Business transformation

  • Nuclear and conventional generating plant










Bob Tivey